Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Greetings from the Muni Grouch.

I've made a few comments on Greg Dewar's N Judah Chronicles recently, and frankly they're almost always complaints. Rather than continue to contaminate his thoughtful blog with my annoyances, I thought I'd start posting them somewhere else.

Like here.

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greg said...

You're not contaminating anything at all...your observations are pretty right on, esp. on the day to day annoyances that piss us all off.

I'm fixing the site so we can do link lists again and I'm happy to link to you because you voice a lot of the same thoughts I do. Like when the pair of alcoholic douchebags the other day were trying to block The Rest Of Us from Departing the Train.

There's a post coming up about potential vigilantism and well that was an example....but you make some good points and I'm glad to see more people getting the word out.