Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pass-ups: Part 2

or: Step to the rear of the bus. Like, seriously.

Today, a quiet morning on the 29. Yesterday, fairly busy. We passed up around 3 stations on Sunset, but in reality, the bus was not full. People got on through the front door, a few people squeezed in through the back, and the driver asked, "Move to the back of the bus, please. Move to the back of the bus." Then after there was no more room behind the yellow line, he ceased picking up passengers.

Just so you know the secret code, when the driver says, "Move to the back of the bus," what he really means is, move to the back of the bus.

You three losers standing three feet apart in the back of the bus while there's major frotteurism going on in the front, what's your problem? Being deafened by your iPods and texting your homies is no excuse.

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