Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Wide Stance

As a friend of mine has observed, a few people like to sit on the bus or train with their knees two feet apart. Normally these are guys. Maybe they think their units need extra room.

This is fine by me as long as you aren't sitting next to me getting into my personal space. I can do without feeling your warm thigh pressed up against mine, you know?

Anyway, this morning, I had a wide stancer to my left, and the corresponding unwelcome warm thigh. (This person turned out to be a she, but this wasn't apparent until she got up and, um, walked away from me.) Then my left side was rejoined by another wide stancer, this one a hippie, and definitely a guy. I rode another 15 minutes with a warm hippie pressing against me.

Can I just say, ick?

Also: If you need a belt, and have a large, hairy, pasty white, extremely unpresentable man ass, please don't get up out of the seat next to me and stick nine inches of your immense nasty cheek cleft in my face. I may just bitch slap your lobe. (Then cut off my hand.)


Mike said...

Amen. Ick.

SFMuni Lady01 said...

Thanks for the note! Wide stance (and personal space in general) is on the docket. Stay tuned!

Smooth riding,
SF Muni Ladies

Wednesday's Korner said...

I know a guy that says he crosses his legs below the knees which is actually very comfortable not just for him but his fellow passengers in adjacent seats (such as on a bus, train, plane, etc.). MUNI should have pictures of examples with "BAD" (pic of wide stance); "GOOD" (pic of person crossing legs below the knees).