Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here We Go Down the Street with the Doors Open

Today's ride on the N westbound from the beach featured (multiple) doors that were open while the train was moving. This was actually a new thing for me!

Dear Operator: Can you please make sure your interlock is enabled, and whether it is or not, before you move the train, please look to see if the doors are actually closed. The moms whose kids don't fall out into traffic will appreciate it.

I was horrified a couple of weeks ago when this happened on the 4th and King platform. This time I guess I'm dulled. On the other hand, this time no one was stuck in the door as the train started moving.


MetroBusDriver said...

I used to have to disengage the interlock on our Breda trolley buses when I drove them for Metro in Seattle, but at least the center and back doors didn't pop open. Gotta love fine Italian craftsmenship.

Joseph N. Hall said...

It's like I said, Breda vs. Kinki Sharyo. Would you like to drive a Fiat or a Honda?

If Muni continues to run LRVs with defective and/or disengaged interlocks, someone is going to be killed soon. Again.

Whole Wheat Toast said...

not the first time i've seen this. it was pretty cool though, to be honest, but, yeah, muni needs to replace these bredas soon. even though they're new, they ain't worth it.