Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Nightly Bunch Report, and Other Happenings

Last night, after a little weirdness (see below), I got off a very slow N Judah in the Outer Sunset at around 11pm ... with 4 more trains right behind it. (Call it 3-1/2, because one was a 1-car train.)

Maybe it's just me, but this seems a little ... inefficient.

Where No One Has (Typically) Gone Before

Meanwhile, all this got started when I got off Caltrain at 10:00 and, to my delight, a couple of minutes after I started waiting on the N Judah platform, an N showed up. Everyone got off, we all waited a little while to see if the train was turning around at the platform, and when it apparently was, we boarded. I guess the operator wasn't paying attention to the dozen people getting onto his train, because shortly thereafter the train didn't turn and continued southbound. So there we were, sitting in the parking area and looking at the employees wandering outside, who really didn't pay much attention to us.

The operator never said a word, probably because he was embarrassed at dragging a load of passengers into the parking/switching area. Or maybe because he just doesn't talk.

Aside from That

Two women, who sounded questionably sober, engaged in a brief screaming match while the train was in the subway.

"Oh you bet, you're going to pay."
"I'll pay when I want to."
"You just committed a felony by threatening me!"
"Driver! This woman is threatening me!"

Me, I would have pushed them both onto the tracks at that point.


PTCruiser said...

Hmm. It was a full moon last night.

Joseph N. Hall said...

You're saying, they had to go to the beach to perform some kind of ritual??? Involving track irons no doubt.

eggowong said...

I've noticed this happening on an increasing frequency too. When you want an N outbound to Ocean Beach, there is never one around. When you don't need an N outbound, suddenly there are 2, 3 or 4 two-car trains back to back or within the space of a few minutes of each other! Sometimes I wonder if that MUNI guy with the clipboard and the shoulder-mounted walkie is really supervising or playing "let's give'em two L's, one M, three K's, two J's and maybe one N"...