Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You're So Busted

I feel a little conflicted here. Let's examine the pros and cons.

Pro: The N waited quite a while for me as I made my way from Trouble Coffee down to the 46th Ave stop.

Con: That's because the operator was getting a sandwich at 7-11 across the street.

Pro: He said, "You ain't got to show me nothin'," as I got onto the train in front of him. I said he needed my token, but then noticed that he had helpfully strapped a stack of serve-yourself transfers onto the coin box with a rubber band.

Con: Same as the "pro."

Pro: The driver asked (as this photo was taking place), "Is that a camera?" I said, yes, it's a Tessina, actually a very small 35mm camera. He said "I've got a camera at home that takes 620 film. Now that's old!".

Con: As I got off at 22nd thinking how cool it was that an operator knew what 620 film was, the train took off with a piece of passenger's luggage still sticking out of the wide-open rear door.

Goes to show, you can be a nice, smart guy, and a lousy operator.


PTCruiser said...

I know that operator. He's a really nice guy.

Joseph N. Hall said...

He absolutely seemed like a nice guy. I just wish he wasn't running his train just like other operators way lower on the smarts and personality scale.

arcady said...

Does Muni have some kind of revenue audit department, where they send undercover inspectors around to make sure revenue is being collected and tickets are being inspected? If so, why are drivers like this still around? If not, why not?

Joseph N. Hall said...

Not collecting a few fares is pretty low on the scale of "things operators can do wrong."

PTCruiser said...

In the grand scheme of things, is he realy so awful?

PTCruiser said...

Time for a new post, maybe? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just think if he never waited for you there would be nothing for you to complain about.... Let's see would you jepordize your life or be assualted for chump change? Or would you get involved if an operator is being physically assualted or verbally abused? Highly doubtful.Just imagine if operator's haggled each and every individual for the fare. Would we get to ever get to our destination without further delay?

Joseph N. Hall said...

To Anonymous: There's a difference between trying to collect a fare from a belligerent passenger, and just not bothering to collect a fare.

To PT: The combination of the sandwich run and door interlock, I can't get past that.